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What Do We Do..

At Reeii Education, we ensure that every student connected to us gets a real-time SWOT analysis of himself. As a student it is very important  to know the right positioning in the competition.We are working on Conceptual learning at the root level and our AI-based technology makes it easy learn. 

Re-defining Education System

Our Apps and teaching tools helps the teachers in Converting all book and hand written notes to animated smart classroom notes and use it via Mobile Apps for teaching. Old fashioned content will also fascinate   Students and classrooms will witness the most comprehensive change in the education system with introduction of our Free AI-Based Reeii teaching system.

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Innovation can be Innovated

New Generation Classroom setup, where Android system built on a short throw projector, built in sound system and wireless keyboard and mouse to make it a compact all in one easy to use system. Our Wireless classrooms have made a benchmark in the education industry.

Mission Goals & Vision

Vision:Provide World Class Education to EVERY STUDENT.

Mission: Delivery of Education on the basis of the student’s interests and ability.

Goal: Converting 10,000 schools to Reeii Smart Schools every year.


Our Timeline


SI Classroom


SI Smart Classrooms initiated under Brand SI, which was Incorporated In the year 2000. With the Sole Vision of Revolutionizing and Perking up the Electronic World with the apparition of innovation to the industry. SI Manufactured hardware for the purpose of Installing and implementing Smart Classroom. 

Allentab was a tablet hardware which was created for Allen Career Institute. Allen is a pioneer institute in the field of coaching for Competitive Exams.It is a team of more than 10015 members as on date, with trust of more than 12 lac Students since 1988. Further details can be checked at

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