Smart Classes Implementation of AI In Classrooms


In this accelerated era of speed and technology, the adoption of digital technology has become a primary option for educational institutes, business houses, and many other institutions. At Reeii, we are recognizing this as an excellent time to explore and station smart classrooms. The aim for which is to make the teaching commitment possible and meaningful. With the unique digital transformation, we tend to set a new norm within schools and educational institutes over the country.

Reeii Smart Classroom is a branch of the Brand of SI telecom. In 2000, the company was Incorporated with having the goal of Remodeling and enhancing up the Electronic tools in the industry. The idea behind SI Manufacturing hardware for Installing and implanting on Smart Classrooms can take a step ahead in the education system to showcase a better future tomorrow.

Today, education is a basic necessity of society, as well as a prominent symbol of independence that supports in directing a good life. Not only is it limited to the knowledge imparted in schools and colleges, but also incorporates the many useful lessons we get from the happening in real lives.


1. Digital Transformation of Education System

Reeii is reinventing a new vision in education. The use of smart classrooms in an abounding number of schools. The high tech audio quality system and visual learning methods can make the classroom environment extremely powerful. Let’s see how the free smart classes at Reeii education works and awards.

Smart Class and AI Implementation

The smart classes at Reeii aim to reinvent education through world-class technology that provides digital methods for teaching including videos, photographs, and documentaries, etc. To improvise and fill these loopholes, we made several attempts to build a reinforced AI system to provide the need for both teachers and students.  The teacher and student-friendly application is an addition to it all which almost works like an in-hand virtual classroom providing in-hand information and material for teaching and learning. By providing free quality videos for teaching and training methods for teachers and more options.

Free Education For All

Installation for each smart class at Reeii Education is less than any smart class installation ever known; Rupees 1. With each smart class, there is an abundance of technological advancement that includes top-quality smart class hardware.  The hardware consists of a semi short-throw android projector with a wireless controller. The goal at Reeii is to expand this project throughout the world and make a large number of students educated, hence, the free education system is not only limited to the renowned metropolis but intends to cover the backward regions and modify the schools overall through these smart classes. The regular whiteboard could be turned into a screen through free smart classes installation. All of these benefits come in rupee one.

More Than 1000 Schools

More than 1000 schools are already registered with Reeii for implementing our system within just two months of launch. We intend to make this count 5000 by the end of 2020 and multiply the across the globe. More than a large number of teachers are already hired to provide live classrooms to a double number of students. The content provided in these smart classrooms is carefully created into the procedure to build an innovative condition for schooling and to advance the thinking of all the learners or students. These schools all over the country in a free collaboration with Reeii will set a new definition for education and educate millions of youngsters. We consider it our responsibility to provide the best training and techniques to  these schools.

Free Scholarship For Students

At Reeii, we understand that every student’s story is not the same, but the financial gap in paying for talent must not be skipped. By giving sufficient scholarship assistance, we create a greater source in schools, providing a cushion of funds for deserving students who desire to work on their passion and give back to society.  We have set a backbone for students in an attempt to nourish talent via scholarships at various levels for students. We value talent and know how much it could be enhanced. Therefore, talent is never suppressed at Reeii. The corporate partners associated with help us in doing the same.

User Friendly

The free smart class installation at schools by Reeii is just as easy to use as a Mobile phone usage. There is technical knowledge required to operate the tools as it involves no hardcore instructions. The books could be used on the main screen and even the existing notes could be imported with the help of a camera. Teachers could easily prepare lectures at home on their mobile phones and use them in classrooms for teaching on main screens. There are unlimited teaching resources and images available. At Reeii smart classes, teachers can create notes from textbooks by clicking images & using them.

Vast Video Library For Teaching

Smart Class includes a Smart concept for better learning and understanding. So while projectors and other high-quality tools are a major part of Reeii, we also offer schools a vast collection of videos, and multimedia content to learn from. Unlike the traditional classrooms, in the Reeii free smart classes, the teacher works as a coordinator in learning by presenting numerous examples with an ample of existing content. These references are expertly created by our professionally hired teachers who put their hardcore efforts in creating each subject into a productive, smooth and understandable digital portfolio.  


2. Importance of Reeii Smart Classes

Reeii has proven to show satisfactory progress in education concerning overall literacy, infrastructure, and universal access and enrolment in schools. With the advancement of all these, the demand for quality education has steadily increased as well. That is where the concept of E-learning rises. E-learning and smart classes focus on enhancing the learning and understanding ability of a student as knowledge through the screen attracts more interest to study and creates an effective source for visual learning. Smart classrooms are a unique and quality educational product that helps students in gaining knowledge through a revolutionary way of teaching.  Learners can learn through the innovative approach of Reeii Smart classrooms that motivate higher levels of understanding. These virtual come smart classrooms duplicates the capabilities found in a real classroom

Adaptive And Flexible learning

Every classroom consists of students with various learning abilities that often makes it hard for teachers to ensure that all of them get a complete understanding of the concepts. The contemporary approach of Reeii smart classrooms provides the freedom to learn for students to go ahead at their own pace and in the way they are most secured with.

Our Interactive technology tools allow many different forms of media – including photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, and video, to be displayed on the whiteboard with a single click of a remote. The same assists in expanding the nature of content that can be used in learning. Furthermore,  our tools make learning to be more dynamic as the different forms of presenting information are readily available.


Mutual Respect And Collaborative Learning

Getting knowledge through the help of collaboration is proven to be one of the most beneficial forms of learning. While teaching and learning alone could be very restrictive and hinder the progress of students. Learning collectively through smart classes at Reeii creates an all-over the scope for learning and creates a path for critical thinking. Collaborative learning tasks involve collaborative projects, collaborative writing, group problem solving, debates, and more. Collaborative learning gives a new definition of traditional student-teacher relationships in the classroom.

Moreover, Teachers and students are always supposed to develop mutual respect for each other. With the modern era, the definition of teaching and learning both have changed consecutively. However, both must still not forget their value as both the parties are learning and teaching each other in some way or another. Teachers must encourage students to reflect confidence and value each other’s and their own opinions.

Student-centric And Performance-based

In Reeii Smart classrooms, teachers take on the role of facilitators. They assist students in thinking critically. Through visual learning techniques, students discover and master new concepts of learning and memorize more through the on-screen material. Student-centric smart classroom environments are aimed at putting students’ interests first and are inclined on focusing on each student’s needs, capabilities, and learning styles. In addition, we know that every person has a different and unique capacity to grow and learn. Hence, the pace of growth must be different with respect to each and every student. E-learning  (videos, images, and pdf), along with a smart classroom gives separate profiles to all the students so they can maintain their own speed of growth.

The Reeii smart classes give an opportunity for performance-based tasks and assignments that are guided by teachers by introducing various methods that are not revolving around textbooks and tests. One of the methods is by conducting MCQ quizzes and polls.


Interactive Studying Sessions

Witnessing the Reeii smart classrooms encourages teachers to convey lessons all the more viably by utilizing the various projections in their introduction to clarify the concept. Educators can undoubtedly clarify every single part of the exercise with some realistic introductions. It assists with making a short FAQ meeting among teachers and students that really makes a superb learning condition in the homeroom.

The intelligent idea of Reeii smart classes offers students a chance to share and take part in the instructional procedure. Intelligence gives a stage to understudies to show their grip of the subject through contacting, drawing, and composing. Each student has a chance to take interest or add more to the conversation.

Time Saving And Paperless Technology

Contrary to the traditional learning method in which students were bound to revolve around creating and learning from lengthy notes, Reeii smart classes allow students to make and learn from presentations online and other multimedia material in less time. The same goes for the teachers who no longer need to narrate students to make rough notes, as the presentations and other study material can easily be shared with everyone. The same save plenty of time for teachers and students so that it can be used for another interactive activity.  Also, the uses of Reeii smart devices in education partially or fully eliminate the textbooks/notebooks. Therefore, it is also environmentally friendly. The Reeii smart class provides the teachers an entirely different way of presenting information to students, which restricts the requirement for writing, printing, or photocopying. This, in some way, or other grants to eliminating wastage from over-utilization of paper and ink.


Increased Productivity

The information imparted in the Reeii smart classes is introduced in a visual format that is bound to engage the students. They comprehend things all the more effectively in an insignificant time. This wakes students and teachers to achieve really great outcomes prompting improved productivity.

These redesigned sort smart classroom tools are exceptionally fascinating for the youngsters! it is a creative plan to change our drilling framework into a keen and inventive arrangement of educating learning exercises.

Flexibility in Teaching and Learning

Teaching in classrooms 2020 by the use of AI  is possible with the project Reeii and has its benefits. The Reeii smart class can introduce a wide assortment of media content for teaching. Some students lean toward video-based learning, and some get incline toward photographs, diagrams, maps, and so on. A smart whiteboard associated with Reeii can introduce every one of these substances giving students the adaptability they need for adapting successfully. It moves the study hall experience from the sage-on-a-phase way to deal with a more community-oriented condition. With classrooms transforming into smart classrooms, students are additionally getting smarter! Large lumps of passages are being supplanted with pie diagrams, reference charts, and pictures and the hypothesis “words generally can’t do a picture justice” is waking up. An alluring study hall condition is required for such kind smart and imaginative exercises. Reeii Smart school class will be more alluring, inventive, understudy amicable, solid, and all the fascinating class.


Students Understand and Follow The Rules

The learning environment in Reeii smart classes are expertly planned and well-organized for both the teachers and the students. Technology in smart classes can not easily be manipulated for a single student. Hence, the students in e-classrooms are constantly encouraged to stay updated with the lessons and take action for their goals and responsibilities. They learn to be up to date with their class routines and get to understand what they are expected to overcome each day and how they are to go about it.

Through smart class learning, teachers are not supposed to spoon feed each and every student in the class with their textbook knowledge. That way, students are encouraged to use their own thinking, explore concepts, and ask questions from the teachers. This creates a sense of independent learning for the students, and ultimately they become responsible for their learning.

Global Learning

Education has no restrictions, and technology at Reeii Classrooms can assist with dispensing with limits. Innovation brings exceptional advances by encouraging the gaining of any course from anyplace over the globe and whenever. Artificial intelligence fueled education furnishes students with principal IT abilities. With more innovations, there will be a more extensive scope of courses accessible on the web, and with the assistance of AI, students will gain from any place they are.

Generally speaking, joining innovation devices to the homeroom condition is probably going to change the manner in which teachers grant information to students and simultaneously rearrange the learning procedure for students. Students will think that its simple to draw in with exercises and increase a superior comprehension of the general subject idea. It is a perfect apparatus for any homeroom setting. The education field needs innovation like this for students, students, and instructors to keep on developing in their field. Expanded presentation and more extensive access to data: With the web get to, students are given an extraordinary introduction as they are allowed to think and feel outside their air pocket. They come in wording with what’s going on the planet and maybe even attempt to change an inappropriate.

Innovation these days isn’t just broadly accessible yet in addition moderate. From applications to e-course readings to Wikipedia, regardless of how far you go, all you need is the web and data will be accessible to you and all other expected perusers and students.


Bridging the Urban/Rural Divide

Artificial intelligence improves IT forms and releases new efficiencies. At Reeii, Artificial intelligence can likewise be utilized in the displaying of complex information to empower the activities office to make information-driven figures. This, thus, permits appropriate learning ready for the future. Schools can stay away from a lot of wastages brought about by over-requesting consequently sparing expenses. Through new efficiencies at Reeii, Artificial Intelligence in education can pay for itself. Free innovation at Reeii smart classes has been implemented for the benefit of all.

The free smart classroom concept makes another chance to connect the urban/provincial gap by presenting students to innovation in a study hall setting. Additionally, this classroom might be utilized related to our proposition for preschool effort to permit youngsters and adolescents to encounter innovation that they may not, in any case, be presented to in a town or village condition otherwise. The effect of this innovation will be felt from the least education levels through higher learning organizations. This will make versatile learning procedures with tweaked instruments for improving the learning encounters. Computerized reasoning may advise the students how their vocation ways look contingent upon their objectives along these lines helping them past scholastics.


3. Objective Of Reeii Classrooms

The project Reeii has the sole motive standing on its epitome; i,e, redefining the traditional education system. It creates a platform to help teachers overcome new challenges and developing students’ abilities and performance. The teachers access to multimedia content and information that can be made to each lecture and the delivery of information to the students more effective.  The Pedagogically sound and visually rich curriculum data structure at Reeii has the aim for teachers to present their views and make sure that each and every child understands the undertaken lessons which will ultimately affect his achievement. The abstract concepts are no longer on the list as each and every lesson has turned to be real under our vision.

These smart classes are specially designed to have interactive and live teaching to elaborate and compare different objects and perceptions towards a particular concept or lesson. The highly defined module of smart class which permits the students to visualize the concept much better than static images is present at Reeii. The unlimited visuals and animations content is provided in such a way that they create a story on a student’s mind. This is a major step towards development where students’ achievement and talent is highlighted. Reeii smart classes make learning an enjoyable experience for teachers as well as students by including activities and games to make the learning process easy. The effective amalgamation of technology with the classroom simultaneously instructs remote and local students as well. These whole platforms improve creative thinking in the learning process by practicing models and demonstrations. We ensure full optimization of e-resources wise e-books, e-journals, protocols, lecture notes, documentaries, and so on and provide customized content as required in the school’s scheme of work.

Therefore, as a conclusion, at Reeii, we are looking forward to providing education to each and every student through Reeii smart classes. The delivery of each lecture at Reeii is prepared on the basis of the student’s interests and abilities. We plan to see a future where illiteracy and poverty named evils do not exist.


4. Conclusion

The structure and arrangement of traditional classroom space do not match the changes that have been happened in the educational system, in the context of agents, methodology, and social context. Reeii smart classrooms rethink learning space and match up to the modern learners’ expectations about what this space, along with resources and methodologies, should be like. The Reeii Smart classrooms include unique tools and new technology that must be encouraged in the current education system. The environment created in each classroom by the project Reeii provides the students as well as a teacher to learn through new techniques and too in a different and interesting manner. As a matter of fact, it is true that students and teachers have become inclined towards the miracle of technology. Cameras, remotes, and wireless devices from Reeii are the new substitutes that aim to result in more engaged learning for students and adaptation to a variety of learning styles.

Progressions in innovation have pushed the instruction segment over the most recent couple of decades. As the name recommends, the cutting edge way to deal with learning uses diverse innovation to help students in their study hall learning. Numerous instructors use PCs and tablets in the study hall, and others may utilize the web to dole out schoolwork. The web is likewise helpful in a homeroom setting as it gives boundless assets. Teachers may likewise utilize the web so as to interface their students with individuals from around the globe. With the observation of this dynamic generation, project Reeii is inclined towards utilizing technology in the best possible way and bringing out the best possible outcomes. This has been a great opportunity as well a pleasure for us to serve the best in each and every classroom and see new and unique outcomes matching with all our hardcore efforts and expectations to give education a new definition. With constant practice and never-ending efforts, we are confident that we will achieve the desired results.

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