We provide solutions to help your kickstarter campaign grow

We don’t charge a single penny if we don’t produce results. You pay only after we reach our minimum backer funding target amount.


4 Reasons, how we drive Kickstarter campaigns a blockbuster


Deep experience and expertise

In the past few years, we’ve worked on many campaigns, so we know what works and what doesn’t.


Coordinated and integrated approach

We offer a unique approach that integrates own and earned media to drive campaign objectives.


Integrated Campaign Lead Generation

We strategically employ latest tactics to generate high level of quality traffic that will convert into sales.


Success via Backer Community

We market the campaign among our community that comprises 300K active backers.

Our Successful Launches


Bring to the table
success strategies

We provide the 360-degrees of services needed to successfully launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter . Our proven formula for success features a strategic, phased approach along with an integrated campaign launch blending online advertising, social media, PR and digital marketing together to skyrocket our clients to infinity and beyond.

Fully Funded


Tech Campaigns

Over Subscription


Tech Campaigns

Data-driven insights & Reporting

Consumers are fast changing. You have to think about how to leverage technology – online advertising, social media, and mobile-first experience design – to engage them. Through personalized content, predictive analytics, and real-time targeting


Services we provide


Kickstarter Pre-Launch Campaign

We get your campaign a sure hit, build a buyer email list and try to get funded on the launch day.


Kickstarter Live-Campaign

We get a super boost to your live campaign. It is subject to the approval of your campaign.


Startup Venture Caiptal Funding

We introduce your innovative ideas to multiple fund managers and get your ideas noticed.

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