ऋ-ward Scholarship Program For Class VI to Class XII

ऋ-ward Scholarship Program

Get Rank, Recognition, Scholarship, And More

What Are ऋ-ward Scholarship Program?

ऋ-ward Assessment is a uniquely planned worldwide initiative to nourish young minds all across the globe and reward them with cash prizes, scholarships, and constant support by Reeii Education.

At Reeii, we ensure that every student gets an equal opportunity to grow, learn, and excel to achieve long term goals. Over the years, we have been successful in building the empire for schools, uplifting them, and creating opportunities for the learners.


How Are ऋ-ward Scholarship Program Different?

Reeii has been constantly making efforts on building a better platform for schools and educational institutes. Through the ऋ-ward Assessment Examinations, young students from class VI to class XII can find their path on a stable career path to achieve a long term goal.


The program will be consisting of the occurrence of annual aptitude tests which will test the child’s ability to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations. The questionnaire structure would be expertly created by the professional range of teachers at Reeii.

Who Can Appear in ऋ-ward Assessments?

ऋ-ward Assessments are open to those students who are studying in class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII in the academic year 2020-21. 

We are welcoming those:

Who wants to actively take part in competitions

Who wants to create a secure pathway for the future.

Who want to test and strengthen their abilities

Who wants to participate in a nationwide platform


Examination For Class:  VI, VII, VIII

Examination For Class: IX, X

Examination For Class: Class XI & XII 


No Cost

The exams are held at a no-cost basis


4 April 2021 




Evening  : 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

What Does ऋ-ward Scholarship Program Provide?

Recognition Scholarship up to 100%


Students scoring more than 80 percentile in the ऋ-ward Scholarship Program will get a participation certificate and letter for participating in the aptitude test.

Scholarship Opportunity 

The students securing 1st position will get a 100 percent scholarship opportunity and will be sponsored by team Reeii for a year in terms of educational support. The analysis of overall & subject-wise performance will be provided in the report format after the declaration of the results.

Tablet Distribution 

The top 500 students participating in the ऋ-ward Scholarship Program will be rewarded by educational tablets and certificates. 


 About Reeii Education 

Reeii is an initiative that has been opted by schools all across India. Our Goal is to re-innovate education for small schools across the Globe. Over the years, we have successfully developed an innovative system, the simplest way for teachers to teach smartly in the classroom..

The target at Reeii is to get 10,000 schools onboarded by 2021. Reeii provides live classroom sessions for all state boards and works on smart classroom or school infrastructure development, organizing events in school premises and scholarship distribution..

With 10 years of dedication and efforts, we have come to the intention to deliver teaching on core conceptual topics, and for increasing the understanding level among the students in every school. We are a company that is lending a hand in promoting schools to stand on a better platform with the help of technological advancement and quality tools.

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