Advancement Of Technology

Throughout the years, technology has transmuted our perspective of the world. Modern technology blesses us with astonishing resources that alter the way we live our everyday lives. Every human living in the western world has experienced technology as a utility for himself. From contrivances such as smartwatches and phones, we are now living more efficient lives. The infiltration of tech into our quotidian lives has been gradual. Some may not realize the extent to which technology and innovation is a component of their every waking moment. From the diminutive to the Brobdingnagian, this article will expound how modern technology is transforming our world. Paper books aren’t peregrinating anywhere. However, e-reader contrivances have made reading more facile when you’re on the go. An e-reader contrivance like a Kindle or Nook can hold thousands of books very easily.

Audiobooks are an especially great way to relish classic and incipient books kindred. Though you’re not reading, you’re still able to consume a great story through an audiobook just by listening to it. For aging seniors, audiobooks are great when it becomes more arduous to read the diminutive type in books. Edification now requires no face to face human contact. Today, because of the technology advancement anyone can attend an online school, register for any class, and obtain any degree. Students have the liberation to learn at any time and location of their cull. Edifiers are now able to reach more students with the same magnitude of flexibility.

Reeii Smart Classrooms: Redefining Education

Our technology is stepping forward day by day. It has improved so far that we are replacing the traditional education system with the digital education system. Gone are those days when our classrooms were having only whiteboards and teachers used to write and erase during their lectures. In today’s scenario, we are living in a digital world where everything is done digitally. The way of teaching is not the same. It has crossed the milestone,  now we are having the smart classes to provide good quality of education to the students. Reeii education edifies the competency to read and indite. Reading and inditing is the first step in Education. Most information is done by inscribing. Hence, the lack of inscribing adeptness betokens missing out on an abundance of information. Consequently, Reeii Edification makes people literate.  Above all, Inculcation is profoundly consequential for employment. It certainly is a very good opportunity to make a decent living for all of us. This is due to the skills of a high paying job that Inculcation provides. Illiteracy is the cause of so many problems.

Better Communication is yet another role in Inculcation. Reeii Education amends and refines the verbalization of a person. Furthermore, individuals additionally amend other betokens of communication with Inculcation.  Inculcation makes an individual a better utilizer of technology. Reeii Education certainly provides the technical skills indispensable for utilizing technology. Hence, without Inculcation, it would probably be arduous to handle modern machines. People become more mature with the avail of Reeii Education. Sophistication enters the life of edified people. Above all, reeii Education edifies the value of discipline to individuals. Edified people additionally realize the value of time much more. To edified people, time is identically tantamount to mazuma. Determinately,  Educations using reeii classrooms enables individuals to Utilizing AI in classrooms, avails edifiers in explicating the things preponderant. It reaches or can be accessed by every student as it is unique. Students can increment their performance, heedfully aurally perceiving, and it enlightens their encephalon.

How to teach at Reeii Smart classrooms

Smart classrooms are the classroom where technology is being utilized for edifying and learning. Smart classrooms make utilization of computers, projectors, and even smartphones for this purpose. They are conducted by a trained preceptor utilizing a multimedia screen, which brings visuals rather than the traditional chalk and blackboard method. The concept of astute classrooms is booming up in India and availing students to learn preponderantly. However no edifying methods are consummately foolproof, it has it’s own disadvantages as well. Today we are discussing some of the Advantages and disadvantages of astute classrooms.

Reeii Smart Class

We provide world-class education classrooms for the students so that they can have a better learning experience and could upgrade their knowledge and skills. Also, we strongly believe that “Education is the golden key to unlock the door of success”.We want every student should be educated and unlock the door of success in their lives. Reeii classrooms are designed and are the most suited for e-learning. It’s built on a customized operating system and gives a privilege to the schools and institutions to have a centrally controlled system for congruous monitoring and quality inculcation distribution. It gives the privilege of locking the contrivance in schools.

Using the reeii smart class is as easy as using a mobile phone. It takes only one day to install it after installation the teachers can start using it from the next day. A person with zero technical knowledge can also access to this smart class. Also, the proper training of one day will be provided to the teachers so that they could know how to access it.  Teaching digitally in Reeii classrooms is like converting a normal whiteboard into a smartboard screen just by clicking a button on the remote and can again convert back the smart board screen to the normal whiteboard. It takes only one day to install the system and from the next day, the teacher can start using it.


Click Image For Teaching

The utilization of photographs is consequential for students because they are more liable to believe findings when the findings are paired with colored images describing involute situations during learning as opposed to other complex book text data. To teach from real-life images from the web is an unusual, advanced experience in itself.


Unlimited Internet Images

The content and images in textbooks are limited but the internet is a wide platform where we can get details or the information of anything we desire. So while teaching at Reeii smart classes teachers should also use the images from the internet or the web which will create a better understanding for the students present in the whole class.


Vast Teaching resources

There is an infinite number of resources that can be used by the teachers while teaching in the Reeii smart classrooms which are textbooks, novels, films, plays, radio programs, multimedia, digital learning resources including video, audio, text, animations, and, images, lectures, speeches, performances and so much more.


Show Ebooks

With e-Books entering the ingraining domain, one contrivance is enough to include the entire year’s syllabus and more. These digital books can be introduced to students at a very puerile age, starting right from the time of kindergarten to university level, ascertaining that learning never becomes vapid for them at all.

Tips for the teachers to use Reeii classrooms

1. Teachers will use the book on the main screen and then can import old notes with a camera and further that will be displayed on the reeii smart class screen and students could see it.

2. Teachers will sync their handwritten notes via mobiles and then use it in the reeii classroom teaching by using the smart class boards.

3. A part of this live MCQ test will be conducted to know how well you have understood the lessons.

4. Videos and images will be there on the screen for a better understanding of the students.

5. Teachers can also use their handwritten notes.

Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence emerged in the year 1956, but AI has become more popular today thanks to incremented data volumes, advanced algorithms, and ameliorations in computing power and storage. Early AI research in the 1950s researched topics like quandary solving and symbolic methods. In the year 1960s, the US Department of Bulwark took an interest in this sort of work and commenced training computers to mimic rudimentary human reasoning. For example, the Bulwark Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) consummated street mapping projects in the 1970s. And DARPA engendered perspicacious personal auxiliaries in 2003, long afore Siri, Alexa or Cortana were household denominations.

This early work covers the way for the automation and formal reasoning that we optically discern in computers today, including decision support systems and perspicacious search systems that can be designed to complement and augment human faculties. While Hollywood movies and science fiction novels depict AI as human-like robots that surmount the world, the current evolution of AI technologies isn’t that frighteningly eerie – or quite that keenly intellective. Instead, AI has evolved to provide many categorical benefits in every industry. Keep reading for modern examples of artificial perspicacity in health care, etc.

AI at Reeii

AI has already been applied to reeii education primarily in some implements that avail develops skills and testing systems. … By leveraging the best attributes of machines and edifiers, the vision for AI in reeii education is one where they collaborate for the best outcome for students.  Reeii classrooms offer help to the teachers to incorporate interactive audio, video, and self-assessments to their digital plan to help students learn well. With the technology, teachers using reeii classrooms with zero tech skills can design their curriculum across different digital platforms and devices within a personalized learning

Virtual reality makes the studies and learning fun and eradicate the boredom, as students learn about things, places, objects, and so on from the comfort of their reeii classrooms without spending money. Virtual reality videos take you places to see things initially taught theoretically.

Perks Of Reeii Smart Classes: Teacher’s Perspective


Smart Board

Teaching in classrooms with a whiteboard, chalk, and markers are now a thing of the past, and edifiers have shifted to making utilization of projectors, VCD, DVD players and eLearning system to exhibit tutorial videos and short sessions online to avail understand that learning can be frolicsome additionally. At Reeii, in the upcoming future, we see many schools turning their whiteboards into digital screens with just a blink of an eye. 


Digitally Updated

In a tech-savvy world, edification with reeii can become facilely archaic, as there is always something incipient transpiring. Equipping students to be updated with news and other subject-cognate topics is the best way to edify students to grow as a person with reeii smart classes. Students spend most of their time on their laptops, their phones, and their iPiPad. Reeii Smart classrooms students can refer to online information for guidance.


Fortifying Online Research

Kindred to how pedagogy is well prepared for a reeii classroom session, emboldening students to be yare additionally, can drive students to be exhilarated about taking up classes. Online research is trending and people find exhilarating vocations in Market Research and more. Asking students to find something online that is arduous to find or inspiriting online research by giving them a list of things to find afore the next class.


Engendering Communities

The interaction between a preceptor and a student does not have to culminate at school, in a classroom. An online community is where a group or a team stays connected online, submitting projects, discussing topics, or expressing conceptions. Edifiers using reeii classrooms can set a platform for students to communicate their conceptions, suggestions, and subject-cognate queries, for them to solve any time. Being open to online activities like these keep students focused outside of school.


Simplify teaching

Smart teaching with reeii applications simplifies the subject in an easy-to-understand form which makes it easier for students to grasp and remember for a longer period. From computer monitor to smartboard, the use of these gadgets of reeii makes it easier for teachers to make students simply understand the topic via visuals and text that are drafted smartly for easy understanding. For example, to learn addition and subtraction, the reeii gadgets use visuals of fruits and veggies with a voice-over.


Emboldening MCQ Tests

Training students on subjects by conducting fun online tests from time to time can engender a good learning environment for them with reeii. Students can be given online quizzes and assessments that they can take from home, superseding general homework that they find excuses for. becoming facilely disinterested in the topic. Conducting online seminars and webinars, enabling all students to engage in commenting, and participating in questionnaires can avail them to stay alert.

Visual Learning All The way!


Matches the students' interest and fascinations

In the reeii smart classes students show signs of better understanding since they learn by seeing things, the things which we see have a long-lasting effect on our brains because of which they can remedy it for an extensive period. It has numerous recordings and pictures identified with the theme which makes a superior comprehension in the minds of the students.

Time Preserving Technology

In contrast to the traditional learning techniques, where students had to elongate indited notes. Reeii Smart class technology sanctions students to make presentations online and get feedback from their edifiers in less time. Same for edifiers using reeii who do not require to tell students to make rough notes, as the presentation can be shared directly with everyone. This preserves a plethora of time of edifiers and students that can be utilized for another interactive activity.


Fun while studying!

Reeii Smartboard technology makes the learning experience more enjoyable among the students as they learn in a very playful manner. It can turn a jejune lecture into an astounding and interactive session. Instead of just verbalizing the topic, digital boards engage it by displaying content in the form of animations, visuals, and previews.

Facile Access to Online Resources

Reeii perspicacious class has digital exhibit boards and projectors that are synchronized. An edifier can facilely show some practical solutions from the web. While students can visually perceive sundry online resources in the digital world. There is an adoption rate which is 70 percent of reeii smartboards and interactive whiteboards in the inculcation sector including Govt and private sectors for the past 4, 5 years. This is a flamboyantly discernible denotement that scholastic institutes are embracing this advanced technology.


Follows Go Green Concept

Smart reeii classroom technology follows a dynamic information sharing approach and there is no desideratum of paper, pen, pencil & printouts, thus stepping into ‘ Go Green Concept ‘. We can verbally express, this is one of the major benefits of perspicacious reeii classroom technology to keep nature clean and green.

Advantage for absentees

Digital study materials can be downloaded and visually examined at any time or place with the reeii. This benefits the absentees, even if they miss their classes they can download it and study themselves at their convenient time.


Incentivize students

Reeii learning utilizes an abundance of visual references and colors, which avails build interest levels of students in the subject. It additionally works as a guiding force in sharpening the ingenious imagination power of students. For instance, if keenly intellective learning shows how a seed turns into a plant, it might avail the student to develop his imagination on how to draw a plant and all its details.

What do we provide to you?

Perspicacious reeii Classroom Equipment is a solution designed to avail edifiers in meeting with incipient challenges and developing student’s faculties and performance. It avails the edifiers to access multimedia content and information that can be utilized for edifying students more efficaciously. In this we provide you the free world-class videos for the students along with this we also provide the training sessions for the teachers so that they could access to reeii smart classes easily. The following are the things that the reeii classroom provides to the school just in 1 rs.


The semi short-throw Android Projector is a portable solution that avails convert any surface (subsisting projector screens, whiteboards, or wall surface) into an interactive surface. An interactive pen will come in handy to draw, point, or click just by physically contacting the screen directly.


Reeii provides you the free world-class Teaching content which includes video tutorials that helps the student to have a better understanding of their lessons. The video tutorials which reeii provide you are the comprehensive teaching videos that are made by the best team of teachers.


Reeii pedagogy training programs are designed to provide consummate cognizance and understanding of utilizing digital tools used in the reeii classroom with a fixate on understanding the potential digital technologies and their utilization for the best impact in edifying and learning.



Today, the cyber world dominates many aspects of our life. We’re so acclimated to it that we don’t even cogitate all the areas it physically contacts. Inculcation is no exception. The reeii astute classroom solutions avail edifiers to segregate their edifications, preserve them online, and conduct them in a multimedia-affluent manner. Even the assignments and assessments can be distributed to the students remotely via the internet. This further increases student attendance in a reeii classroom. Better learning of subjects boosts students’ morale to learn. Gone are the days when edifications were constrained to classrooms only. Edifiers can disseminate erudition from anywhere. With the avail of virtual classrooms, edifiers can reach out to their students remotely. Withal, reeii classrooms avail students who live in areas that don’t have better access to inculcation. Using reeii inculcation classrooms are as facile as utilizing a mobile phone. A person with no technology erudition can additionally utilize the reeii classrooms very facilely. Additionally, we provide the facility of training in which consummate guidance is given to the edifiers on how to access it. Our fundamental motive is to just provide inculcation digitally by utilizing reeii classrooms at just rupee 1. Reeii classrooms withal provide the facility to the edifiers for making the notes for the class at their homes and then can show and expound those notes to students in the class. A component from this felicitous edifying content is provided by the reeii perspicacious class which includes videos, audios, text, and lots more. We provide world-class inculcation astute classrooms so that the students could have a better understanding of their studies. It additionally eradicates the vapidity in the lectures of the edifiers. Withal, this is the platform where they learn by visually perceiving and anything which we visualize has a perdurable effect on our minds as a result students can recollect the things edified in class for a long period.

It is conspicuous that the aspect of reeii smart classrooms is a positive move in the edification system. Teachers can Engender Notes From Old Textbooks, Click Image And Utilize It For Edifying, Use Internet Images Illimitable Edifying resources Show Ebooks: Images, Vid Neos, Digital Notes, Use Wireless Implements To Edify. After the competition of the chapters, we organize the MCQ test so that the teachers could get to know how much concept does a student has understood. It provides you the opportunity to learn with fun! Now, students don’t need to carry heavy bags overloaded with books and other studying materials as reeii classroom provides digital study material. Utilizing AI in reeii classrooms avails edifiers in explicating the things preponderant. It is within the reach of every student as it is unique. Students can increment their performance, heedfully aurally perceiving, and it enlightens the encephalon of students and brings them gloryThe remaining part is the amendment of the efficacy of astute classrooms to cater to emerging learning needs and the transmuting rate of technology. Your education is our responsibility so we provide you this smart class for rupee 1. Today’s youth are the future of tomorrow, so it is very important to educate today’s youth on the development of our country. This was the basic idea of starting our project reeii.

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