Use Of Technolgy In Education: Schools In 2020

The Riiee smart class will revolutionize the Indian education system. It is a major boon for students and teachers. The Riiee educational projector will change the functioning of the traditional schooling system. The smart school will be the future of our education system. For years students have perceived school as boring and something they go to unwillingly. The conventional method of learning doesn’t have much involvement of students in the process of learning.  With the innovation of free Riiee smart classes, we aim to change that and give a different dimension to the Indian education system. Well, a smart class with amazing technology will make learning interactive, informative, and fun and also contribute to the intellectual development of students.

Today, with globalization, and increased competition in the world, education has become extremely important. Especially, during school where the students are young and their minds are shaping. So, the way education is perceived by the students in traditional schools doesn’t enrich them with knowledge. The aim should be of quality learning and Riiee smart class can bring this major change. Our objective is to provide quality and fun learning education to as many schools as possible. The idea is to bring developments in Indian education and schools all over India and provide a quality education that’s accessible to all the students.

Technology in Education

There are innumerable reasons why technology is a key part of learning in schools. Regardless of whether we like it or not, technology is all over; and all together for our students to make it in post-secondary education and the business world, they should know technology. Although numerous individuals like to depend on conventional techniques for educating, the potential outcomes that open when technology is brought into the classroom are unending. For one, access to education has been altogether expanded through the help of AI-based technology thus, including a wide scope of learning styles and degree alternatives. Students as of now depend on technology in their regular daily existences, why not incorporate it into the classroom? Kids today habitually utilize their cell phones and tablets outside of school hours and should be trusted with the duty during school also. 

Educational technology (normally used as EduTech, or EdTech) is the consolidated utilization of computer hardware, programming, software and educational theory and practice to encourage learning. Educational technology makes, utilizes, and oversees technological procedures and educational assets to help improve student’s scholastic execution. Students communicate with technology off-grounds, so coordinating the apparatuses into the class can help make the learning procedure a lot simpler. Technology simplifies the manner where teachers carry their duties, giving strong paths to forging a connection among educators and students.

Blended Learning

The training landscape is quickly changing, the innovative ascent of the 21st-century and boundless coordination of those advancements into our general public, joined with access to the web has vitally changed educating in only a couple of years. Our kids and their following ages are as of now and will keep on experiencing childhood in a world that is a distinct token of how quickly human progress has changed, a general public and a world where cell phones and tablets are across the board, moderate, and superseding most PCs. So in the modern world, there is a need for a new method that integrates technology and our traditional forms of teaching. The method is ‘Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a mix of learning strategies that fuse different showing modals–most as often as possible eLearning and conventional up close and personal learning. Blended learning is a characteristic improvement to the developing openness of E-Learning, online assets, and the proceeded with a requirement for a human segment in the learning experience. A mixed learning approach guarantees that the student is locked in and driving their individual learning experience. This methodology additionally obliges the individual needs of the student, most students have special learning styles and a mixed methodology is bound to take into account those necessities than a traditional classroom experience.

Features of Riiee smart classroom

With advanced technology,   the quality of learning in schools and improve the engagement of students.

Amazing Visuals

Reeii educational projector comes with an HD output with an astonishing resolution optimum for long hours of teaching. With cutting-edge technology, it makes reading and video viewing at all angles. We bet you haven’t seen better! In other words, it is brilliance personified. Most students in this age of technology and change are visual students. They learn data best by observing it in as an example, similar to an image, map, chart, or video. These students are incredible at visualizing items, plans and results from a spatial perspective, and appreciate drawing out their answers in various hues to clarify their manner of thinking.  Albeit visual learning is commonly not created in most educational systems, it very well may be an incredibly helpful device. Reeii smart class permits the students to take a look at issues contrastingly in a manner they will comprehend. 


Built-in sound system

The most innovative technology is the reason for establishing Reeii smart classes. It comes with a built-in sound system, so there is no need for an additional sound system to be installed in the classroom. Audio aids improve the experience of the classroom. Good quality speakers avoid any kind of hindrance in the student’s process of learning. Visual and audio aids both used together help students retain the concepts for a better and longer duration. The entire set up is very simple and the use of the projector is user friendly and handy. The system is self-sufficient. Also, the reeii smart class system has low maintenance. One does not have to be familiar with the technology. Anybody can set up the Reeii smart class. The tools help to make students more organized. It is observed that spatial and visual learners are more likely to organize their work and also their everyday lives in terms of scheduling and appearances.

High technology system

Compromising HD wifi android projector, inbuilt speakers, wireless keyboard mouse, inbuilt Apps, and guiding teaching tools. Reeii smart class has advanced technology. The system is built in such a way that all old books are converted for the classroom. So, the content of books is retained into a visual and audio format. The entire curriculum is covered innovatively. This will give overall assistance to students. They can read and watch together which makes it easier for the teacher to keep the class together. Students can even directly display presentations of their assignments without making notes to the entire class. Visuals separate data into sensible pieces that are simpler to retain. Increment the student’s enthusiasm for the topic. At the point when the student gets the opportunity to learn such that they like and comprehend, they will give nearer consideration and the outcomes will be more self-evident.

Live Classroom

We have the best team of IITians providing live classroom lessons for many-core conceptual topics to increase the understanding level in the students. The students will be taught by the best teachers in the educational industry. The Reeii smart class makes the classroom a Live classroom. Getting knowledge from the experts along with the teacher addressed by honorable guests from various institutes across the world. it’ll give them practical knowledge of life beyond the books. They will get a chance to learn from the best across the world. A classroom is a hub for exploring, analyzing and soaking all that surrounds young and eager minds. Classes from professionals and honorable guests in a classroom is a very beneficial tool that should be utilized as much as possible. It helps students improve their learning in a more interactive, topic-specific way. These can help and add to the teacher’s knowledge and practices sufficiently. 

Teacher’s Training

Even though the use of Reeii smart classrooms is very easy and simple to adapt, there are a plethora of how to teach and teaching tutorials at Reeii to learn and implement smart classrooms. It is a user-friendly device for the teachers. So the teachers do not have to worry about using reeii smart class. Every step is explained in detail. It’ll just take a day for teachers to get a hang of it. It is packed with any assistance required for the teachers to use the system. Once the teachers become familiar with reeii smart classrooms they can use it effectively in many different ways and blend their teaching with the use of Reeii classroom. There are different apps and guides for the apps for teachers to understand and use them optimally. So teachers won’t require any additional assistance to use the Reeii smart class. Reeii smart class will assist students with learning all the more adequately, giving a visual arrangement.

Amazing teaching tools

There are several Apps to make teaching very interesting and easier. It comes with books and notes where the teacher can show the handwritten notes prepared by them. They can also showcase NCERT books, other coursebooks for a better explanation and better understanding in students. It has made note-making easier for students and even for teachers. They can display their notes instead of writing which also saves a good amount of time. With a display of books and videos, students will grasp faster. Also, it will reduce the distraction caused during the lectures. There are various apps in the system which will support the teacher in clearing the concepts to the class. Teachers can use tools to give different relevant examples. A trip to the rainforest of Amazon basin or the deserts of Sahara or to somewhere in mountains becomes easy with visuals in the smartboards of smart classrooms.

Interactive Learning

The use of tools in the Reeii educational projector brings in an interactive environment to learning. Frequently, students can feel distanced and disengaged from their tutor and the class, especially whenever said educator stays rooted at their desk giving out directions for the entire lecture. Through presentations, digital boards, pictures, charts, audios, maps, students will be able to build a better connection with the teacher. It will help them understand the concept better. It will bring a level of excitement to the process of learning. Reeii smart class will induce interactive learning which is a prime chance to maintain a strategic distance from this sort of aloof information retention. Interactive learning The idea of this procedure is to such an extent that even an apparently dull or indistinct subject turns out to be all the more intriguing and a superior methodology is accomplished. Students get an opportunity to find out about a particular subject such that encourages them to get completely associated with the class and effectively participate in a more agreeable method of education. Students will begin to think in an unquestionably more innovative, receptive way and soon they will begin to make new thoughts of their own. 


Easy Access To Online Resources

Reeii smart class comes with the inbuilt wifi facility in the projector, students can access the pool of information on the internet. This makes teaching a step ahead than the regular curriculum. All the curiosities of the students can be easily solved and will encourage students to be an active part of learning. There are many resources books not available in school, electronic versions of those books can be made available to students and they can learn from it. It is no uncertainty that in this advanced time everybody leans towards Google for their questions, issues or questions. Famous web crawlers like Google, Yahoo, and so on are the highest selection of individuals as they offer a simple and moment reach the immense measure of data in only a couple of moments. It contains an abundance of information that can be looked at whenever. Data is the greatest preferred position which the internet is offering. There is an enormous measure of information available for each subject. It stays up with the latest and abundance of information in regards to any subject which intrigues us. Reeii smart classrooms bring this to the traditional classrooms and help students and teachers to access the abundance of information, examples, books through it’s Wi-Fi feature

Go Green

Reeii Smart classes are a solution to the environmental harm caused by the traditional means of teaching. You can learn and study without the use of pen and paper. Teachers won’t need photocopies, printouts to be given to students. There is no use of papers; it focuses on reduced or no use of textbooks. In traditional learning, there is a lot of use of paper for photocopies, providing notes, showing images, Giving exercises etc. All this can be easily done through reeii smart classrooms without the use of paper. One of the major benefits of the smart classroom is they contribute to keeping the environment green and clean. In today’s day and age, there is a lot of use of paper in the functioning of school which is harmful to the environment. Reeii smart classrooms can majorly help in saving paper and also promote the message of ‘go green’.


Help For Absentees

With Reeii smart classrooms it will be easier for school and teachers to provide remedial lectures. Students who couldn’t attend the classes due to some reason can learn and not miss out on any curriculum through the smart class. Students will get information from the correct and quality source rather than relying on their peers to study the curriculum. Also, the lectures can be played again for students if they haven’t understood anything or for revision purpose without missing out anything. While, in traditional learning, there is no efficient way for revision and students can miss out on the curriculum when they are not being able to attend school. It can be a great help to students facing medical conditions.

Easy To Use

Reeii smart classrooms are very user friendly. It comes with a wireless remote. You can easily turn a basic whiteboard to the smartboard with just one click on the remote and turn the smartboard back to whiteboard with one click. The wireless remote will help the teacher to be more connected to the class rather than just focusing on the board. Reeii projector can also be connected to the teacher’s phone so they can share any new and recent content to the students. This is a major advantage to the teacher as providing information becomes easier and accessible. There will be no restrictions for teachers to give out maximum relevant information. This also makes it easier for teachers to prepare. The teacher can show pictures, notes, and excerpts from old textbooks to all the students at once and make necessary references.


Curated By The Best Teachers

Reeii smart classrooms’ content is curated by the most experienced teacher. Students’ understanding and interests have been closely considered by teachers with 30 years of experience. With their experience and knowledge of students and learning the material has been curated as such that it can be understood by people of different IQs. So it will to the overall class. So, they have used methods and information to enhance the capabilities of students. Reeii smart classrooms believe in quality education, so it was very important for us to deliver from the best of the resources. The way in which students are taught makes a whole lot of difference to their understanding. If the material isn’t good enough there will be a lack of information retention in students.  The videos, images, exercises are well researched and curated by the experts.

Assistance To Teacher

It can be a great tool for teachers. They can teach and answer student’s questions in the best possible way and with facts. It will build a connection between teachers and students. Some teachers are allergic to chalk and dust and face issues while using it. With smartboards, there will be no such medical issues. Teachers can use it in multiple ways. Teachers can blend the traditional way of teaching and Reeii smart class for an improved and enriched learning experience. It will also help teachers in preparation before the class. Teachers with examples and visuals will be able to explain better. Teachers can also solve student’s theories quickly and effectively with the help of Reeii smart classrooms. Increased engagement of students also motivates the teacher and keeps them connected to the class. Reeii smart classrooms will improve teacher student-relationship.



Ask teachers and they’ll tell you time is one of the biggest hindrances in learning. Reeii smart classrooms save both teachers and students time. It makes preparations for teachers easier and less time-consuming. Instead of writing on the board, the teacher can display it on the smartboard and save the time class. The smart class enables students to make a presentation and get instant feedback rather than long written notes. This saves time which can be used for another activity. With all the resources digitally available, Reeii smart classes reduce the time wasted on manual work. A teacher does not have to physically draw a diagram to explain the human body as the material is easily available on the net. Other things like taking tests and assignments, manual work can be reduced there as well. Teachers also don’t have to worry about a lot of other things so they can focus more on preparing and teaching.

Fun Learning

The stereotype associated particularly with the traditional notion of learning is that it’s a boring and difficult chore. Most of us learn because we’re required to do so by an authoritative figure such as a parent, a teacher or an employer. Even though we are all born naturally curious, with time our inherent desire to learn often becomes mechanical. Many educational systems focus on cramming learners with as much information or data as possible on various topics. However, in today’s dynamic environment information can soon become outdated and irrelevant. The primary concern is regardless of how significant what we realize is, if we are not intrigued or interested, learning or possibly successful learning won’t occur. Besides, learning should fuel interest, cultivate imagination and urge us to become long-lasting students. The most ideal approach to accomplish these goals is to make learning fun! Reeii smart class nurtures the information in students by making it fun and interesting. The animated videos in Reeii smart classroom have different audios and characters that teach the students the concepts. This will keep them hooked to the lessons and also help them grasp more information. The exercises, maps, images will break the monotony and keep students interested in studying.


Riiee Smart Classroom For All

Education is a social responsibility. Education is a tool that provides people with information, skill, technique, knowledge, enables them to know their fundamental rights and duties toward their family, society as well as the country. It expands children’s vision and outlook to see the world, shapes the minds of children who are the future of the society and most importantly, plays a key role in the development of the nation.

We at Riiee, believe strongly in the power of education can change the world.  With Riiee smart classroom we aim to make a change in education in India. To make quality education accessible to all the students. The installation of the Riiee smart class is just rupee 1. It is also seen that schools in rural areas are not as modernized as schools in urban areas. Riiee smart classroom will bring a major change in that as it can be easily set up in schools in any region. The vision is to convert all the classes in India to Riiee smart classes so that students can gain maximum learning from their education for years in schools. 


Riiee smart class aims to bring a change in the functioning of education in India. It is to revolutionise Indian education in all aspects. The goal is to provide quality education to the students and make school more interesting for them. Riiee smart class can be adapted by all the schools irrespective of nature and area the schools are situated in. Riiee smart class brings the approach of blended learning to the Indian education system. It promotes the use of advanced technology with the existing traditional methods of teaching. This method will improve and enhance the reach of education in society. Teachers can work along to give a better experience to students.

Reeii smart class has advanced technology with projectors, built-in speakers, keyboard, Wi-fi and wireless remote. One does not require prior technical knowledge to set up Riiee smart class as it is user-friendly. The technology along with the best-curated material will improve the experience of education for students. It will also increase creativity in students. It has various applications that can be used by teachers to display different information. Riiee smart class will bring numerous advantages to the traditional classrooms. It will be an assistance to teachers, make more information accessible through the internet, induce fun and interactive learning. Interactive learning is always encouraged and gives better results. Riiee smart class uses visual and audio aid to teach the students. Thus, Riiee smart class can be a game-changer in the education system all over India.

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